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Wall stickers

The wall stickers

For a personalized home decor,
our stickers have been designed to the same
scale and can be mixed according to your desires.



  • Stickers animals

    The animals stickers

    From here to elsewhere, our friends the animals
    come to life in your children's bedrooms.
    A life size home decor to go and explore the world !

  • Stickers Asia
  • Stickers banquise
  • Stickers sea

    The sea stickers

    The Bubbles family, Hermit crabs and Cie
    are going out for an aquatic stroll, don't let them sneak away!
    Serie-Golo stickers are perfect to decorate the room of your little sailors.

  • Stickers savannah

    The savannah stickers

    It's party time! Our friends dance and
    swing from liana to liana on your bedroom walls!
    Serie-Golo, a colorful deco for the little adventurers

  • Stickers tree

    The trees stickers

    Invite nature to grow on your walls,
    plant a tree with multicolored leaves and
    let the spring come into you children's bedrooms.

  • Stickers flowers

    The flowers stickers

    The butterflies and the bees are happy in this poetic and bucolic world!
    With Série-Golo stickers, you don't need green thumbs to grow pretty flowers.

  • Stickers nature

    The nature stickers

    The sun is shining, birds are singing, the rabbit
    family hides in the long grass...
    The Serie-Golo stickers,
    it's a little piece of nature in your children's bedrooms.

  • Stickers transportation

    The transportation stickers

    Come on, we're all together, here we go!
    it rolls, it flows, it flies and everyone is having a blast!
    With Serie-Golo stickers, fly towards new horizons.

  • Stickers characters

    The characters stickers

    Tom, Nina, Zoé and all their friends
    are here to decorate your children's bedrooms.
    Bright and colorful wall stickers for a well decorated bedroom !

  • Stickers pixie

    The pixies stickers

    Jules and Violette live in a world of tenderness
    where butterflies and nature are their friends.
    With Serie-Golo stickers, your bedroom walls become sweet stories to tell.

  • Stickers monsters

    The monsters stickers

    They're crazy monsters, always fooling around.
    Come on, they want to play with you! Serie-Golo stickers,
    it's a life-sized deco for bedroom full of colors and crazyness!

  • Stickers graphic
  • Stickers espace
  • Stickers music
  • Stickers girl
  • Stickers boy
  • Stickers boys and girls
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Showing 1 - 62 of 62 items