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Wallpapers’ manual

The one strips Série-golo, are produced in France in our warehouse in Nantes. Our strips should be applied on walls with a vinyl glue, special thick wallpapers.
One strip of 290 grams, fireproofed, Class 1.

Hooks’ Manual

"It’s happiness in your home with the coat hooks Série-Golo !"
Colorful and bringing good mood, they are created and made with love in the region of France, Loire Atlantique (hooks : aluminium, head : Birchwood). From the kitchen to the bedroom, hang everything you want !

Stickers’ manual

First things first : make sure that the surface is smooth, dust free and dry.


  • The sticker comes in three parts : the liner (the white paper underneath, the tape (the transparent paper to help you pose the sticker) and the sticker (literally the illustration that will stay on the wall).
  • Pick the right spot in the room.
  • Depending on the model you picked, cut out with scissors the different elements that compose the sticker.
  • If needed, tape the different elements on the wall to envision the final appearance.
  • Pick an element, carefully remove the liner making sure that the sticker remains with the tape.
  • Keep the tape and the stickers.
  • With the help of someone else, hold the sticker on the wall without sticking it. Picking one side to start, begin to stick it on the wall. With a plastic scraper (this could be a stiff, plastic card), smooth the surface from the inside to the outside to make sure there are no air bubbles underneath.
  • Remove carefully the tape by rolling it on itself.
  • For the images that are composed with several elements :
    Remove the liner, stick the other element that completes the image by overlapping by 2mm on the intersection, and then again, stick it and smooth the surface with a plastic card to remove air bubbles.
  • Continue placing all the elements of your sticker following the steps above.
  • Finish the installation by applying firm pressures on the sticker with the help of a dry and smooth towel (don’t rub, you could damage the image).
  • That’s it, your sticker is installed!